How Much Should Your Moving Company Charge You?

22 Oct

If you are like many people who are planning on moving houses, you are probably curious about how much a moving company will charge you for the service. It is true that when you hire a moving company, you should be prepared to pay for the service, pretty much the same way you would pay for any other service where a professional is involved. However, you can bet hiring professional movers could be the most efficient and convenient ways to move successfully. The cost of moving and relocation services varies a great deal and will be depended on a couple of variables. Here is a look at how moving companies will arrive at the final figure.

There is what is known as the local move which basically refers to intrastate move, i.e., moving within the same State. Depending on the size of your house, the cost of moving will be determined by the number of movers that will be needed to relocate you successfully. If you live in a house that has three bedrooms or less and you are moving locally, you may end up paying less regarding labor costs. Most local moving companies will base their pricing of intrastate move on a flat dollar amount per hour. Note, however, that this hourly rate will vary from one state to another. Get more info here!

Also worth noting is the fact that if you are moving at a distance that is more than 50 miles, your moving cost may be calculated based on the weight of the moving inventory and not the standard hourly moving rate. By the same token, interstate moves, i.e., moving from one state to another is calculated as a long distance move hence is done based on the weight of shipment plus the labor costs and amount of distance to be covered. Here are more related discussions about moving, go to

There are some other variables that will ultimately weigh in on how much you end up paying to a moving company at These include moving add-ons you know any additional services that you may need such as packaging, arranging stuff, assembly, and disassembly of furniture, mattress bags, etc. You may also incur the cost of moving supplies that you purchase such as the packing plastic bags and card boxes. Did you also know that the time and date of your move could weigh in on your final moving quote? Moving over the weekend, or during the beginning or end of the month could also affect your charges since the demand is pretty high during such times. When all is said and done, insist that your mover provides a written estimate of the total cost of your move and if need be, request for a binding estimate.

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